Complementary skills make all the difference

The team at Djäkne is made up of handpicked people based on their personalities, experiences and skills. We don’t always think alike, but we always share the same goal – building sustainable tech companies.


Carl Grundberg

Carl Magnusson

Charlotte Stridh

Elena Mihali

Eva Kjellman

Georgios Lymperis

Helen Wide

Henrik Olsson

Håkan Johansson

Jerry Palm

Johan Ejermark

Johan Henricson

Juan Delaygue

Kaj Wiklund

Korhan Sabanoglu

Lars Widmark

Magnus Wide

Marcus Halltorp

Marvin Bonsen

Mattias Eriksson

Månz Holgersson

Robbin Tapper

Samuel Sjöblom

Stefan Svärd

Vladimir Kiceec