#Coffee bar

At the heart of the Djäkne we run a coffee bar with skilled baristas and high quality coffee. We go the extra mile to make the coffee taste the best it can. We believe that great coffee leads to both higher efficiency and creativity. As an extra twist, we change the coffee beans every week.

Coffee of the week

Kafferäven Per Nordby

May 24, 2020

During this week we have coffee from Per Nordby in our coffeegrinder at Djäkne. Per Nordby is a coffee roastery located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Per is one of the biggest coffee enthusiasts I have ever met and often visiting coffee farms all over the world to meet with farmers and look for producers that share the passion for coffee and take pride in their work.

We are happy to present the following coffees at our shelves for the coming week:

-Guji Gigesa: Roasted coffee beans from Ethiopia. Bold and sweet,
blueberry, fruity cacao.

-Rushashi: Roasted coffee beans from Rwanda. Sweet and juicy, strawberry and dried fruit.

-Espresso A - Adventure: Creamy mouthfeel, cherry, blueberry, lingering aftertaste.

-Gatomboya: Roasted coffee beans from Kenya. Juicy mouthfeel, lime, hibiscus, lingonberry.

-Yemerson: Roasted coffee beans from Costa Rica. Sweet and balanced, caramel, yellow pear.

Website for more information: www.kafferaven.se

Our baristas


guy from argentina that likes coffee

Selection of our favorite coffee roasters

Meet up at Djäkne?

Interested to book a meeting room or to organize an event? More information | info@djakne.com


Djäkne is the place to meet up and work. A place for creative and driven entrepreneurs. We provide good Wi-Fi and power outlets by your table. The house is filled with startups and we welcome you to join our community of builders.

If you need a more dedicated seat with access to meeting rooms, locker, postbox, kitchen, great coffee and more. We offer flexible solutions from (half) day passes up to monthly memberships. Please talk to the baristas in the coffee bar and they will help you.


Privileges Half day pass Day pass 10x Month
Flexible desk
Premium coffee
Order through app
Faster Wi-Fi
Bicycle parking
Discounted conf room
Pay by invoice
Slack channel
Price per month (exkl VAT) 99:- 149:- 999:- 1990:-

contact us through info@djakne.com

Coffee in your phone

You can order your coffee through our app at an discounted price. Search for Djäkne in the app store or Google Play or enter m.djakne.se through your browser.


At Djäkne it's fine to work or study all day. We have plenty of wall sockets by the tables and free Wi-Fi. We would like to see Djäkne as a meeting place for entrepreneurs. The whole building is full of startups that love to work in a creative environment with great coffee.

#Startup Studio

We get involved in an early stage in products and companies we believe in, as hands-on co-founders. We work together with the entrepreneurs to solve common startup challenges.
We are not a VC. We are not an incubator or accelerator. We are a startup studio where we invest our own capital in startups and use our experience and network to grow them into successful companies. We measure our success in growing revenues in the companies and in how fun we have together.

The Family

Since the start, 15 years ago, we have gotten involved in almost 40 companies, been part of creating more than 300 jobs, made three exits and had incredibly fun while doing so.