Djäkne Brand Guidelines


  1. The story
  2. Vision
  3. Why, how, what?
  4. Principles
  5. Our Audience


  1. Voice
  2. Logotypes
  3. Name restrictions
  4. Colors
  5. Typography
  6. Photography


Brand story

The winding story of Djäkne Startup Studio

Djäkne Startup Studio just happened. In the early days of 2000, two guys bought a company that was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. They had a boyish vision of using digital methods to provide sports enthusiasts with information about their favorite sports. Unfortunately the market wasn’t ready. The road became very bumpy. But one thing led to the other, and soon the team made some progress and found a group of young developers, hungry to conquer the world.

While the first company evolved at a slow pace, the new group explored the wonderful world of programming, slept on the couch, launched experimental projects and was suddenly struck by the fact – technology could really make a difference in people’s lives.

The team was hooked, and a new era began. New tech projects were started, existing ones accelerated and new entrepreneurs joined the group with their tech projects. Still no one knew that this was what a startup studio is doing. They called it a lab and invested all their time in helping businesses grow. No homepage and no logotype. Just a lot of enthusiasm and energy.

In 2011, someone realized the fact – we are a startup studio, so why not let the name reflect what we are doing? Djäkne Startup Studio saw the light of day. At the same time the group moved into Djäknegatan 9 in Malmö and designed the place to reflect the culture. More people, primarily within tech, came on board as partners (we don’t like hierarchy). Today not much has changed. We are still tech nerds, still enthusiastic and still very curious about the future.

Why, how, what?

“We are curious about the future. Therefore, we gather skilled and friendly people who want to have fun and be challenged by projects with life-changing potential. Together we start and build tech companies.”

Brand Principles

At the forefront.

Emerging trends and new technology are serious stuff that makes us feel alive. We explore and wonder where it can take us.

Enjoy the ride.

The startup business is unpredictable in every sense. Be brave, adapt smoothly and enjoy being part of building the future.

Less is more.

From coding and designing to building companies – we find the purpose and make considered choices. Every decision counts.

Keep on going.

True competence and experiences don’t need the big stages. Tell the story as it is. Let the rumor spread. Get back to work.

Stay true to yourself.

The more nerd, the more passion. Use it, share it, live it. Be more you – and learn from other incredible talents.

Think about tomorrow.

What we can do today to make a difference tomorrow, we will do it. Make sure to invest wisely in business, relationships and life itself.

Our audience

The up and coming entrepreneur

To be completely honest, Djäkne Startup Studio didn’t have a clear target group in the beginning. The founders wanted to be entrepreneurs, see the world and get a kick out of some risky business. It all turned out to be more successful than they ever dreamed of, and they started to pay it forward. Perhaps, newly hatched entrepreneurs could learn and grow by their side.

With Djäkne Startup Studio as a platform, our love for entrepreneurship can flourish. We are devoted to encouraging and supporting tech entrepreneurs who want to make a difference – wherever they are – someone who is following us online, is part of our company portfolio or a teammate who has come up with a splendid idea. Our job is to share our experience to create the best possible conditions for them to scale their businesses and realize their dreams.


The voice

Feel at home

Our audience builds things – from scratch and fearlessly. They are capable people within their field of expertise. We stay humble and invite them to use us as a source of inspiration and knowledge – through ups and downs on the startup journey. By using a voice that is concise, frank and friendly, we build trust and make them feel at home.

Being concise and frank is our way to spare the audience’s time and show that we know what we are talking about. At the same time, the voice is warm and joyful to enhance the values of startup life. We are all ordinary people with rather unordinary working lives. We let that show.