A place for people with drive and dreams

Djäkne Startup Studio doesn’t want to be in the stands and watch exciting things going on. Therefore, we get involved in tech startups at an early stage as active co-founders. Where we see potential, you can count on our commitment.

Tech entrepreneurs

Tech, tech, tech

Technology will always be our core. Our tech team has developed disruptive tech products from scratch such as Mobenga’s ground-breaking sports betting app and United Robot’s AI robots, and been involved in several more. We support our startups with technology expertise.

It’s your ride; we join in

We know that entrepreneurs run their own business to gain freedom and have the possibility to make their own decisions. Therefore, our working model is flexible, there’s no one-fit-all model. We adapt to the entrepreneur’s needs by providing expertise within corporate governance, business strategy, financing, tech, organization, design and communications.

What an entrepreneur can expect


If your tech startup matches our criteria and values, we will get involved as investors and active co-founders and also help you find investors for the coming rounds.

Technical expertise

Our tech team comprises about 20 people who are highly skilled and experienced in building tech products from scratch.

Business support functions

Becoming a part of Djäkne means that you get access to specialists within corporate governance, business strategy, financing, tech, organization, design and communications.

Best practice

Based on years of entrepreneurial experience, we have valuable knowledge about the most efficient and smartest ways of turning a startup into a scaleup.

Business network

We generously share our business network and help our startups find the right human resources and contacts.

20 years of startup experience

We have been involved in more than 40 different tech companies and gained tonnes of experience. We share it with you.

Want to talk about your startup?

We would be happy to listen if you are running an early-stage tech company. Send us an email on:


Be part of our investor network

Over the years we have been involved in more than 40 startup businesses that have generated good returns on investments for the investors. Some of the companies have chosen the stock market while others have been sold privately. As an investor in our startups, you are ready to contribute with your experience, knowledge and business network.

“Djäkne Startup Studio vibrates of something different. It’s dynamic and without doubt a fertile breeding ground for young companies. As an investor I am appealed by the fact that Djäkne Startup Studio follows a different path from many other studios. It’s promising.”

Jerker Sundström, investor, SecuDimi AB and former partner at Accent Equity Partners

Own forever; sell whenever

Djäkne Startup Studio’s investment strategy is not a fast exit. Our aim is to build sustainable companies that are equipped for scaling. We share the same goals as the entrepreneur. The approach gives them time to plan and execute step by step. Still, we are always open for a good deal whenever it comes around.

Want to talk about investment opportunities?

We are always interested in new serious investors. Send us an email on: