2 years ago



Ok so 2nd week of Norwegian coffee month is here and let us present Kaffa Oslo!

Established in 2005 by Robert William Thoresen, World Barista Champion of 2000. Their coffee is roasted in the nordic style to enhance the flavors of origin and variety. They are roasting coffee that is available and accessible to coffee lovers across all skill levels. KAFFA is for people. To make traceable and great coffee, Robert William og Bjørnar started Collaborative Coffee Source. They buy and sell green coffee all over the world to be a part of good quality and the right working conditions in making  specialty coffee. 

This week we’ll have three different coffees here at Djäkne Kaffebar:

Hallo Fuafuate – Ethiopia, tones of dragon fruit, floral, and sugar cane. 

São Joaquim – Brazil, tones of nougat, raisins and cacao. 

Frontera De Acevedo- Colombia, tones of juices, marzipan, citrus, cherries and cacao. 

So as you can see this is a great couple of coffees we can offer here at Djäkne for you to try and buy, so get down here and enjoy them with us!

Want to read more: https://www.kaffa.no