Jonas Reindl Coffee Roasters

3 months ago

Jonas Reindl Coffee Roasters

New day and a new month! We here at Djäkne would like to welcome February by presenting to you the new roastery. It is time to showcase them with their beans so with no further ado…


They know which farms their coffee seeds come from and undertake origin-trips to see these fascinating estates for themselves. They appreciate the hard work and the risk that farmers take, by choosing to grow coffee-varieties renowned for their unique flavour rather than their yield. They roast and brew with the goal of extracting the full potential of the coffee in your cup; that is how they honour the hard labour, that was put in before them at the farmlevel. They are Jonas Reindl Coffee Roasters.


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Name: El Boqueron

Producer: Various smallholder

Origin: Guatemala

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Pache

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1.600 - 1.800 m.a.s.l

Tasting Notes: Lots of complex fruity flavour with tart winey acidity, a smooth mouthfeel, cocoa and fresh coffee cherry flavour.

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Name: Finca Los Alpes

Producer: Finca Los Alpes, S.H.G. Cerro Kilambe

Origin: Jinotega, Cerro Kilambe, Nicaragua

Variety: Caturra with Tipica

Process: Washed and sundried

Altitude: 1700 - 1800 m.a.s.l

Tasting Notes: Very sweet with tangy acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; lots of fruitiness with cherry, blackberry and citrus flavors.

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Name: Banko Gotiti

Producer: Various smallholder

Origin: Kochere Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Variety: Heritage Gedeo, 740110 & 74112

Process: Natural

Altitude: 2.000 - 2.100 m.a.s.l

Tasting Notes: Sweet and balanced, tart acidity, rich chocolate, berry, lemon and jasmine flavours.

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Name: Fazenda Rio Brilhante

Producer: Various smallholder

Origin: Cerrado, Brazil

Variety: Aramosa

Process: Double Fermentation

Altitude: 1.052 m.a.s.l

Tasting Notes: Cacao, grape jelly, pineapple juice, floral with a delicate body.

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Name: Finca El Paraíso

Producer: Diego Samuel Bermúdez

Origin: Piendamó, Cauca, Colombia

Process: Anaerobic Fermentation

Altitude: 1.930  m.a.s.l

Tasting Notes: Complex, juicy, ripe plum, berry jam and lavender.

Come down to our coffee bar to try them out here or to go. // Team Djäkne.

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