2 years ago

Yes sadly this is the last week of Norwegian coffee month, BUT closing this month by entering the stage is the Jacu coffee roastery from Ålesund, Norway. JACU named for a bird that eats coffee cherries.

Originally opened 2011 The people behind JACU, Oliver Hanken, Anne Birte Hanken and Gunnar Lillevold, Jacu roasts on their Giesen W15 and distributes great coffee to Norway, and of course here with us at Djäkne! The roastery is located in an old transformer station, and with their background in art and design they also use the roastery as an art gallery. 

This week we’re very proud to be offering 2 different Jacu coffees for you to taste and buy here at Djäkne:

  • Filter: Ethiopia Suke Quto
  • Espresso: El Salvador El Naranjo

And that concludes our Norwegian coffee month so do not hesitate to come down to us at Djäkne and try some great coffee with us!

Want to read more: https://www.jacu.no