International Women’s Day

2 months ago

International Women’s Day

As young women we are told ‘you can do anything!’. Which is true, women can have careers, women can be business owners, women can (technically) do whatever they want. However, despite the potential freedom women are more often than not weighed down by societal/cultural expectations. So even if we do truly believe women can do anything, we still expect them to do the things society has come to rely on them for. Be a mother/nurturer (which should appear effortless and natural), be an object of beauty (but don’t be vain), be a feminist (but not that kind of feminist), be everything. Simple, right?

We would like women to have the freedom to do anything they want, but we expect them to do everything we want. I find it rare to celebrate women for their singular focus, for their niche interests, for their specific opinions. This is why I believe we have found such a treasure in Girls Who Grind Coffee (GWGC). Not only are they a women run business, but by having an entire supply chain that is run by women makes this company something really special. They’ve spoken on how the majority of labour involved in coffee production is done by women, yet women are rarely in positions of power. GWGC would like to help change that:

We do not cup our coffees blindly and base them solely on what we taste in the cup. We first and foremost, seek out those changemakers…We believe that specialty coffee relies not only on women’s empowerment but on the investment in business relationships that in turn can help foster quality.”

It’s an initiative which I believe many people can get onboard with. So, in the spirit of International Women’s Day let us celebrate women who turn their particular interests into a prosperous relationship which helps empower other women.