Five Elephant Coffee Roasters

2 years ago

This week our offered coffees were roasted by Five Elephant Coffee Roasters in Berlin.

We chose three coffees:

We are offering their Ethiopia, Biftu Gudina as espresso: 

“For the past four years we have been purchasing coffee from the Agaro Region of Western Ethiopia, particularly from Biftu Gudina because of its complex balance of spices and delicate plum sweetness. For the last two years this coffee has stood out on our cupping tables, with its uniqueness and exceptional quality”. 

We are offering two of their coffees as Filter coffee: (1) Colombia, Dos Quebradas and, (2) Brazil, Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza. 

As Five Elephant describes their coffee from Colombia, “The name of Daimes Polanía Tovar’s finca translates to “two springs”. He says that these waters once held gold and he feels fortunate to  have found this property with its golden waters because, before, when he lived in the lowlands, he wasn’t getting any of his coffee into Cadefihuila’s (our allied cooperative in Huila) microlot program. This lot is the first they have accepted and he is rightly proud. We thank him for his hard work and determination”. 

Five Elephant describes their involvement with Silvia and the production of their Brazilian Coffee: “Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza in the Mococa region of Brazil is owned by Silvia Barretto and her husband Marcos Croce, who along with their son Felipe, manage the farm. This year we had an active role in some new production techniques, helping Felipe Croce process this coffee as a Washed and fermenting it for 72 hours, before drying it for 15 days on raised beds. To say that we are proud to roast this coffee is an understatement”. 

Five Elephant does a superb job of selecting intricate and unique coffees. We’d like to send them a big thank you for allowing us to offer their coffee at Djäkne!

Post by Federico