Drop Coffee Stockholm

a year ago

Drop Coffee Stockholm

During this week we welcome Drop Coffee Stockholm on the shelves at Djäkne Kaffebar.Drop Coffee Roasters are dedicated to really tasty and sustainably produced coffee, the Drop Coffee crew visit all producers it’s buying coffee from. All coffee is carefully roasted with complete focus on the sweetness and vibrancy of each unique coffee, always striving for a clarity in the coffee, without ashy roast flavours.

We selected the following coffees for you:

-Hunkute, Ethiopia. Drop coffees own favourite for the last seven years. Flavour profile: Bright citrus and white floral notes and a peachy, lemon curd like sweetness, with a black tea finish.

-Teodocio Mamani, Bolivia. Flavour profile: A creamy and sweet coffee reminding of chocolate milk, notes of roasted hazelnuts and a hint of orange marmalade. A lingering sweet finish of prune juice.

-Finca Nejapa, El Salvador: Flavour description: A juicy cup with light to medium body and a bit of a citric acidity. This coffee reminds of yellow pear with hazelnut, a hint of cranberry and an aftertaste of mint chocolate.

For more information check out: www.dropcoffee.com