2 years ago


While everybody is on vacation, we are still open and serving exquisite coffee. Coffee Collective is back in the house, this time with a fully renovated packaging and introducing a juicy Geisha from Panama.

This week at Djäkne:

Espresso– DATERRA

Origin: Brazil

Producer: Luis N. Pascoal

Variety: Yellow Bourbon 

Process: Pulped Natural 

Intensely creamy and round, low acidity.

Aromas of dark chocolate and pecan nuts.

Filter– ENCISO 

Origin: Colombia 

Producer: Enciso Family

Varieties: Castillo, Caturra

Process: Washed 

Balanced, floral and clean with a delicate acidity.

Aromas of orange blossom, mandarin, green grapes, and toffee.


Origin: Panama 

Producer: Peterson Family

Varieties: Geisha Special Collection 

Process: Washed

Honey sweet, lively acidity, and mild creamy mouthfeel. Intense.

Fresh and floral aromas of jasmine and bergamot.

Come and travel with us in another coffee journey at Djäkne Kaffebar!

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